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3 33 the four deffndents ccused of attacking a tourist on saint patricks dayy.. lead guilty. the beaainggwas recorded and quickly went virrl... shocking with more on the deal they cut &pyou're seeing first oo fox. 3&good morning guys,it was an unprovokee ssault... that was
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videotaped and later posted on youtube.shockkng viewers aad to track down the defenddnts. defendants.inpuu from you... being filed against fouu ges people... innludinn aaron parsons the man seen punching the victim in theeface.he spoke with fox 45 just hours before surreenerrng to police back in aprrl... apologizing for what hh did. 13:35 i really apologgze for the act and the video everything. you know? i didn't mean to do it. i wasn't tryyng, my intention that nnght aa not toohaam anybody or anythiig. i'm not evenn hat type of pprson. ii's nothing iim rally really sorry. know - sorry.prior toosentencing... parsons apoligized again.but it diddliitle to sway the
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judde's outlook on the crime.... ho told the defendants... quote youu embarrassed this ity... that parson's received the longest sentence of one year.but will coming up next hhlf hour... how long his attorney preddcts gilllland, fox45 morning news. the heat wave smothering maryland seems to have broken......but not before a dramatic innreese in the nnmber of people who died from heat-related proolems. problemssstate healtt havv died from heat related causes...8 deaths were reported between saturday ann monday.2 of the victims were from other staaes, but died in pmrylanddin all offállstá yeaa, 34 people died from he heat. acording to the national &padminiitratiin... the u-s jjs set a new recorddnoaa says the lower 48 statts just broke the record for the warmest 11 month period since record keepiig began back in 18--5. last eekss eat wave helped set the new record.
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ten days after stormm tore throughhour arre.... clean up is far from over... private tree services have &pbeen orking overttmee.. &pbeen aking hundreds of calls about storm debris.everytting of bbanches.comppnies say they ry o prioritizeeeach job based on the amount of damage and dannee.some &pcontractors have a warning for hhmeowners... make sure you ask for credentials. 3they're also encouraging customers to ccll their insurance companies to find out exaccly what's covered. some ddamatic momentts.. captured on live t-v. v.ttke a look at what phppens... during a debate between politicians in jordaa. &pjordan."nats of them fussiig" fuusing" a lawmaker throws his shoe... then pullss
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luccily... he doesn't shoot... but the incident ácouldá fooce him to ressgn from office.thh lawmaker says he was angry bbcause the other guy accused him of bbying his way into office. today... for toorists.the washington monummnt will remain closed for another yeaa. the tallest structure in d-c has already beee closed for neerly a ear... following an ennineers founddthe quake leet
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several cracks in the monument... aad damaged national park serriie officials say repairs will looks llke he tabllids won't be having a field ddyy...less than two weeks after she filed... katie holmes and tom cruise reach an agreement in divorce. the formerr power couple issued a psatement monday... saying they were committed to workinn together for their six-yeer- old daughter... suri''... best interests... and that they wanned to express respect for each other's qqote "respective beliefs." many took that part as a direct reffrence tt ssientology. felder says: "each of them had sometting tt lose. he wanted custody, he ain't nevee going to get cuutody. she wanted money, here was alsooan agreeeenttpreventing the money. the 800-pounddgorilla in the room as scientology. pnddthat was resolveddby them each making nice tt scieetooogy, they said they were going to respect each had to be. that'' the ay it &pwas. it was finnshed quicklyy" quickky." holmes and cruise were marrieddfor fiiv families with furry rrends
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to a new study from finland. researchers found babies that grew uu with cats or dogs had fewer ear infectiins and authors say animal-interaction helps a baby's immuneesystem to mature. so what's better to hhve... a dog or a cat? &presearcherr ay ffmilies with dogs thht went outside fared the bbst. 3 get up andddo something! if pou do ... you couud add years to your life. research shows that sstting álessá than three hourssa day... may boost your life expectanny by two years. researchers dded up the amount oo time aaults in america sit on a daily basis. equatiin tt estimate the - number oo deathh associated with timeesittingg own. down.if you want to stay alive even longer.. turn off the t-v.... after fox45 mooning news is ooer. cutting &pdown t-v watching to less tha life expecttncy by a little d more thanna year.
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pominggup on the early edition....jump ouu of an airplane... with he people who fiiht wildfires. wildfirrs. plane>the one obstacle they faae on the ground.. that's -f. ((brrak 1))
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we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. make room for savings with $37 basic installation on martha stewart living and platinum plus carpet. a storm leads tt a big scare gaae in texass ""oud hunder sound" sound"that's lighting itting
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near the stadium during a ttxassrangerr and minnesota twins game.over on first bass, the thunddr sent twins player josh willingham to his hands can see thee atcher pine for the dugout.the game - was delayed 46-minutes... and evvntually the players weree laugging it off. ((2-shot toss to weather))
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3(traffic reporter ad llbs)))- 33& 3 3 we're giving away 250 dollar giant's our giant
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summer contesttthii mooning.... we'll give away a gift card bbtween 6:30 and'll have 15 minutes to ccll in ann cllim your prize. if the winner doesn't calll in... we'll draw another name. name.just go to our facebook page.. faaebook ot com slash foxbaltimore... become a ffn and complete the entty ffrm to enterrgo o our weesite for coming up... they're the people willing to jump out of airplanns.. and risk their lives.. to stop wiidfirrs. wildfires. plane>go on a trainnng run with them...after the bbeak. ((bump out)) [ male an, only at subway. add some flavor to your morning routine. build your better breakfast. give it an avocado kick. [ male announcer ] kick up your morning. try a fresh toasted bacon, egg & cheese with the rich, smooth superfood, avocado. subway. build your better breakfast.
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and this july only, it's a $5 footlong! this morning... coloradoos monntrous waldo ccnyon fire is almost 100 percent contained. the fire required help from tte most specialized fire prews in the country.gary tuchman shows you how "smoke jumperr" train... and the pangerous work they do 3 --reporter pkg-as follows --in the entire usa, there are only 430 of them. they areeamoog the fireffghhing elite. they of them are in colorado right now, marching onto aircraft which is their transportation fly into the fires just as new ones are starting up and stop them from getting bigger. this is video the smoke jumpers brought back. it's
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hard to spot the flames from up here at 15 hundred feet, but the smokee jumpers are trained to see when they're on the ground, nowhere near any roads and sommtimes quite a istance from any civilization..but if ttey don't get to the bbaze puickly, the flames will often spread rapidly. smokejumpers court disaster every day they're on he job."when you talk to people you know, bout what yyu do, what o they say get my head examined."pprt of the reason is becaase of how they get to the fires. occupation for the timid, paaticcuarly in this speeialty. take a look here. these guys do not just pighting fires, thhy skydive into potentially deadly combustible wildeeness." we ere invited to watch the canyon near grand junction, -
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colorado.(nats of landing) their equipment is attached to its own parachute."and inside hand tools we use for fighting the fires...pulaskis, and shhvels.""he smokejumpers who all worr for the u.s. dept. of agriculture and the interior plso have mre's, water, and sleeping bags in their cargo boxee because they may e in the wilderness for up to 48 hours while hauling gear on their backs."it usually weighh 120-140 ounds, ann we'll hike out of that situationn"the fires in coloradoohhve been put there are so maayyother ways to get hurt including lightninn and bad parachhte landings. philip lind was once seriously hurt when he missed the targee."i hadda brannh from a tree puncture me, come phrouuh this pelvvs and eviscerate me, and portunaaely, the person i was working with wassa ttained &pparamedic."the smoke jumpers ppt out the fires by clearing ffels with their equipment ann digging fire lines, also wildfires in their tracks. he they have to get along with each other because their lives depend on relying on each other "are there times where youure
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fearful?""most certainly. i moment wwen they're fearffl. we like to say courrgg is not the aasence of fear, but the making of accion in spitt of &pshortage f actiin this fire seeson.-----end----- cnn.script----- that fire in colorado started pn june 23rd......and invvstigators are still trying to figure out what started it. coming up in our 6 o'clock hhur... we draw the winner of a 250 dollar giant gift ccrd minutes.stay tuned to see if we call yyur name. name.and ext.... good news for the orioles.nick markakis is on his way back...when the o'ssright fielder will return... next in sports. ((breakk3)) 3 [ female announcer ] the coffee house.
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add your flavor,
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çia÷ coming up in our 6 o'clock hhur... you're less thann45 minutes away from knowing if you're a winner.ww're giving away a 250 dollaa giant giftcard.stayytuned to see if
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&pwe call your name. name.and prosscutors ut a deal with thh defendants in the 3
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beating nats natsguilty pleas are entered... in the case of a toorist who was beaten, robbed and stripped... on the streets of downtown baltimore.what the suspects... are now facing. yyu can avoid... ever having a bad hhtel room again.wwat you should ask... next time you bookka room. 1:14 i had a sense that thhs was it... so i juut did what i paddled"and a kayaker's close call... with a great white shark.but that's not the only thing that's interesting abouu

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